Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My beloved McFLY Pioneer pack arrived today!! ♥

Yesterday was such a bad day on the whole (except for one thing that makes me smile whenever I remember it) and this morning, it was pretty bad until I spotted a white envelope with my name on it and it is from England, my heart was beating fast wondering what was it. I opened it and seriously feeling like screaming my heart out in happiness!! After waiting for more than 2 months, I have received my Pioneer pack from McFLY Super City!! I really love the welcome pack and its content especially the "handsigned" Pioneer certificate by all the McFLY members and also the membership card, it even has my name on it^^ McFLY's Super City is so amazing!!! Join the amazing Super City for a daily dosage of McFLY!! ^^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My top fandoms ♥

Xander's tweet to Siwon

#GetwellSiwon and Hee&Gyu also trend worldwide

Get well soon Siwon!!♥ Please take care of yourself, don't stress yourself :') We love you :') Xander is so caring towards his hyung :') I am so glad to see SJ-UKiss' interactions :')

Saturday, February 19, 2011

[UPDATED] My Kpop collections

Super Junior M!!!

News from AVEX Event Regarding SJ-M’s Mini Album – Perfection

Parts AVEX Mentioned:

1. That’s right, the first broadcast of the MV in Taiwan is for the Golden Melody Awards. Hope this time they will get an award^^

2. At the broadcast press conference on 24 February it will mainly be for the media and will not be open to fans.

3. This time SJ-M will be using the form of 6+2, in the future it will also be maintaining 6 people and above, 6+ how many is not certain, but the members who will be added will all be people we like^^

4. SJ-M might hold a Fan Party but it will not be held that quickly.

5. SJ-M’s promotions hope to be held in Taiwan but still to be confirmed, it should be flying back and forth~

6. Ryeowook’s Chinese version of “One Fine Spring Day”, also other Chinese songs sung by Kyuhyun, at present there is no plan for these to be released><

After the Event:

1. 太完美 (Perfection) Tai wan mei (Perfection) → Tai wan mei (Perfection)

2. 命運線 (Destiny) → AKPOP team publicly acknowledge this is extremely nice

3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet) → Song by Jay Chou and lyrics by Fang Wenshan, the style of the song is very Jay Chou.

4. 表白 (Off my mind) → Lyrics and music by Henry / Henry’s solo.

5. True Love → Lyrics by Zhou Mi, like it a lot.

6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you) → “My all is in you” from 4jib.

Album Contents:

1. The inside pages of the album were shown to us to see, when it was turned to Donghae the screams were the loudest, this proves him to be Taiwan’s number one.

2. The style of the random small card is the lifestyle type of picture.

3. Pre-order goods: Poster is the same as the album cover; the folder is all color on both sides, one side is the same as the album cover and the other side is very similar to the album cover but with a change in positions.

Source: Tiffany@痞客邦 and Lee Donghae Baidu & ELFISH.cc@t.sina.com.cn
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
Do not edit the translation | Do not add additional credits
Take out with full credits

I seriously cannot wait for this!! I miss SJ-M so much!!!

2011 Post!!!

I just realised it has been quite a while, since I last updated this blod >< My email got hacked thus I have to change the email =_= Sorry Sorry

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feenazz : U6 2008 Memories

Assalamualaikum..kn mmpost memories smasa d U6,suka vaining tym ambil gmbr. Zar,Tyr,Syee and Sar,gmbr kamu rh pendriveku..ehe.. Ada ku post nnti tu. Btw2,can u spot a picture where the heart atu bentuk bujur??ahahahaha.. *kirai2 rh Zati* haha..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feenazz : I miss my new bestfriends.. China and Laos,don't forget our friendship :'(

Jong and Me.

Sophia and Me..
Assalamualaikum y'all..I have something to share with u guys. Yesss!SYC again.. But in dz post,I wanna write about my two new bestfriends,Jong and Sophia,from Laos and China respectively. I often go online with Jong but I havent heard from Sophia yet. I miss them so much. Jong,she was my roommate and she is fun to talk to. Furthermore,she is one of the Sexy Sixers. Jong,I miss waking you up and I miss how we(me,Jong and Shihui) rushed ourselves when we woke up late before our picnic at Hort Park. I miss hearing you and Shi Hui knocking on the door because our room key was on a shared basis. It touches me when you said that I'm your new bestfriend. Huhu. I hope to see you again soon. I still wear that lovely pink bracelet that u gave me and also I love the scarfs u gave me during our last day. Come to Brunei and hope I can come to Laos soon..T_T. I Will Remember,a song from Laos,reminds me of u n the others. Hu hu.. Send my regards to Tock and the other Laos participants. I miss u Jong!! As for Sophia,she is also a Sexy Sixer. We met when we were assigned in the same group,group Six to be exact. At first I didnt think that we would be so close until she asked me to sit with her on Coach C. Since then,I always sat with her on the bus. I miss going on a bus with you,I miss eating together with you,I miss gossipping about Puppy and Cat and also Beauty Soup. Hehe, and I cannot forget your face when you asked me why I called Puppy,Puppy Love. But Sophia,I will not forget when we were at OBS,I told you that Friedrich(her friend from China) was cute and you went to him and told him about it and asked us to take pictures together,you owe me that :p. Say hello to Puppy,Cat,Friedrich,Beauty Soup and the other SYC participants from China.I miss you and hope I can go to China and perhaps u can bring me to visit the Great Wall :). Come to Brunei. Also,I want to thank you for the beautiful Chinese purse you'd given me. I love it! I wanna see you guys. Jong,Sophia,dont let our friendship fade away. Hope to see u guys again. Miss u guys,my two new bestfriends. K. Wasalam..what a long post..ha ha

Feenazz : I can't wait to see you guys again..my dearest friends!

Me and Christine,one of the ACEs and also she's in charge of Brunei participants.. I like the hairpin Christine..so nice..Thank you!! =)
Me and Samuel or Sam(which he prefers to be called :)) One of the ACEs and he's very good at sports.. Right Sam?? =)
Me and Kamal..vaining..ha ha..
Me and Sarah..vaining part two..LOL..
Me and Ryan..smiley faces..ha ha..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Feenazz : We ain't play any tricks Blues! Glory-glory Man United!

Yeah,are u ready for this?ManUtd y'all,we're the best football club in the world y'heard?Ha ha.. Assalamualaikum and Hello y'all.
I'm extremely elated with ManUtd's 3-0 triumph over Chelsea. What a brilliant performance by the Reds. And not to be forgotten,to the Reds supporters who were at Old Trafford to watch the giant clash,ur cheers really made a difference,they heightened ManUtd's players' level of confidence. The goal by Nemanja Vidic was brilliant,the Blues were seen to be helpless at set piece at that time. Wayne Rooney also did not forget to put his name on the scoresheet when he scored a superb second goal for ManUtd. Way to go Wazza! Dimitar Berbatov's goal was so fun to watch.ha ha. Bcoz before Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick,Vida had whispered something to Berba and the commentator of the game claimed that Vida probably said this "you go get the ball and I'll stop this two players". Vida really did a good job when he succeeded in stopping two Chelsea players (Terry and De Santo,I dont remember the latter's name actually,haha.)without even looking at the direction of the ball! That's amazing and it made way for Berba to score the third goal for the Reds. All the ManUtd's players showed extremely excellent performances!! Congrats ManUtd! Love ya! ManUtd players,go go go!Hwaiting oppas! Continue with the winning trait and also keep the clean sheet. C'mon you Reds,c'mon you Reds,just keep your bottle and use your head,for 90minutes we'll let them know who's ManUnited here we go! ALHAMDULILAH,ManUtd won! Thank you ALLAH. K..till I update soon. Assalamualaikum

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feenazz : I spent the most memorable week in my life with these guys.. I love you guys!!

Our first day as Sexy Sixers (Outward Bound Singapore)
Dinner Under The Stars..My endless moment (Outward Bound Singapore)
Urban Challenge..Sexy Six at the "Six" place. An unforgettable day with the guys. Saranghaeyo!
Us at Liang Seah St during Urban Challenge. They brighten up my day with their smiles,kindness and care. Tequiero con toda mi alma! Assalamualaikum..and good morning people. Its 2:09 am in the morning and I'm still sleepless. I cant sleep coz I miss these guys. I wanna meet them and all the SYC people. Got dasi bol su isseumyeon jokesseoyo. Gidarigo isseulkkeyo! Saranghae

Monday, December 29, 2008

Feenazz : Happy 18th Birthday Kim Ki Bum =)

Assalamualaikum and Hello.. Juz wanna say Saengilchukahamnida,saengil chukahamnida to Kim Ki Bum of U-Kiss! Wish u all the best in ur future endeavours. Goodluck on your career. Love ya Marumir! I'm confused actually,is it Marumir or Maremir? Stay with U-Kiss ayte? Hwaiting! And I love SuperJunior!